the time is right!

It’s all about timing.  How does one come to a point in their life to give it all up and travel?  You always read about it and think about it but always find a reason why you can’t.

How did I get to a point to pull the trigger?  It wasn’t but just over a year ago I was in a discussion with a good friend and she mentioned about quitting her job to travel for a year.  The logistics of it all and the variety of activities.  I remember being a bit overwhelmed and thought there’s no way in hell I would be able to check out like that; thinking a month maximum.  I still had a kid in college, in the midst of wanting to buy a home, and in normal routines of life.

In Oct. 2014, I caught a bug to make a big change in my life and applied for the Peace Corps.  I’ve participated in humanitarian efforts for the past two years and knew I wanted to be of service.  From Marine Corps to Peace Corps… how cool would that be?!

Unfortunately I was not selected for Peace Corps service.  I knew the selection process was competitive and the chances were slim but was still bummed about it.  Took about a day to get over it but I said to myself, “there’s nobody that can tell me that I can’t help others!”  This time no kid in college, no mortgage, no bills, and still in good enough shape to hike up a mountain.  I did not want to look back and say shoulda, woulda, coulda!

So here I go… researching and planning the physical, mental, and financial logistics of quitting work and traveling for a year.  So much to think about…. leaving the security of a job, where to go, how much money will I need, how much time in each location, where do I sleep, what are the visa requirements, and what do I pack?

Oh wait… my employer!  That entity that has provided for my quality of life for the past 7 years.  How do I tell them and when do I leave?  I was honest about it all and informed my manager 6 weeks prior to resigning and deciding two months of transition with an effective resignation date of the 4th of July.  🙂

The time is right!  My journey of adventure and self discovery as you will.

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