some people just get it!

Throughout the planning for my journey, I’ve engaged in countless conversations with all sorts of friends, family, and strangers.  I have also read many blogs and listened to bunches of podcasts.

there are those who get it and those who do not.

On one hand, I am quickly fueled by the passion that others share in the benefits of extended travel and adventure…. and then on the other hand, I am just as quickly bummed out by the fear for some.

We live our lives based on our surroundings and is fundamentally the same no matter where you are.  You go to school so you can get a good job and support yourself or your family.  You work hard so you can advance and in the process, hopefully able to do the things you enjoy the most.  However, life deals you a hand of cards and you get in to a routine that society conditions you to be.

If you are happy with your routine, then good for you.  If you need a bit more, then welcome to my world.  I’m not exactly sure where I got bit by the adventure bug but it was surely fueled by adventure racing.  You will realize that I often refer to this adventure racing thing, not only of the dynamics of the sport but more importantly the people you form friendships with. I recently had a going away party with some friends that are all have been, at one time part of this world.  These folks get it and ALL have gone on extended travels, want to, or continuously go on epic adventures.

In travel, I see the eyes of wonderment when you reach out in good will.  I see the beauty in other cultures.  I see this planet that we’re on and cannot seem to get enough of nature and all of its glory.  Literally… it stimulates all senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach  out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”― Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m only 4 days in to this journey and there’s so much to gain in experiences both good and bad. Yes, there probably is bad but it’s all relative and couldn’t be possibly as bad as routine or not living a life of experiences and connections.

do YOU get it?

4 thoughts on “some people just get it!

  1. I get it! Don’t worry about those who don’t. They are the ones who a job they hate and not really living life to the fullest.


  2. I get it and I sooooooo admire what you’re doing. Take it all in. Learn from it. Live it to the fullest. XO my friend.


  3. I totally get it and agree fully!!
    Enjoy your travels and soak in all the great nature wonders, great conversations and all the awesome experiences a spontaneous and flexible travel life bring! Looking forward to reading your blog!


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